God, The Refuge in All Dangers

Then they called to Yahweh in their trouble and He rescued them from their sufferings, reducing the storm to a whisper until the waves grew quiet, bringing them, glad at the calm, safe to the port they were bound for.
— Psalms 107:28-30

In a dream last night, I was making my way along a mountain road through a town situated along the coast.

There was a very large volcano jutting out of the ocean just off the shore in the distance. It was smoking and frightening to look at. Dark clouds were gathering in the skies overhead, making the weather dismal and threatening.

I felt a very strong sense that it was time to leave, and was immediately concerned about gathering up my family. I called to my two sons who were near me, to my great relief. I still had my wife and daughter to track down, but had the sense that I would locate them shortly.

There was an old 4×4 jeep sitting there with a couple of guys I knew idling nearby. I loaded up my boys and convinced the other two guys to get in the jeep with us.

I could see a dock down near the shore where other people were gathering in large numbers, so drove pretty aggressively down the mountain road toward the dock while listening to the other two guys talking in the back seat.

They were discussing how the volcano periodically smokes and were also trying to convince me that I shouldn’t be concerned about any danger. Other people along the way were basically saying the same thing, and didn’t seem overly concerned about the imminent threat. Both guys started telling me about various errands they needed to run and asked if I could drop them off at the next intersection.

I pulled the jeep over, turned around and said, “If you get out of this jeep you’re on your own. I’m not going to wait and I’m not coming back.” They got out anyway, and I continued on with my sons towards the dock.

I was still a couple of hundred yards away from the dock when we ran into some roadblocks. I told the boys that we’d cover the rest of the distance on foot, so we left the jeep on the side of the road.

There were some security guards telling me that I couldn’t pass through some doors blocking the road, but I just ignored them and went right on through. I didn’t look back.

I could see a crowd of people in front of us and started calling my daughter’s name. She answered right away, and I could see her about a 100 yards up ahead. “Where’s your mother,” I yelled. “She’s right here with me,” was the reply. I felt relieved, until I looked up at the volcano and noticed how ominous it looked.

Dark smoke was pouring from the top of the volcano now, as black as pitch. I noticed something protruding from the top that looked like an ashen stack with black lines on it. I knew immediately that it was some sort of measuring stick and also that the volcano was ready to blow.

My two sons and I ran for my wife and daughter who were waiting patiently on the dock. They were in a very small group getting ready to board some sort of ship. A ferry, by the look of it. The rest of the large crowd was held back by a line of stanchions and rope. We simply walked right over it and joined the rest of the family.

“Don’t worry,” my wife said. I figured out a way to get some boarding passes for the next boat out. We’re getting ready to load now.” More relief.

I suddenly noticed a boarding attendant standing near me and she looked to be very calm and well-organized. She was smiling and her manner was very pleasant.

“You’re all set,” she said, “all I need from you is your number, in case I need to contact you.” I gave her my cell phone number and she wrote it down on her clipboard. With that, my family and I boarded the boat with the rest of the folks in the boarding area and the ferry pulled away from the dock. At that point, I woke up with a start.

Later today, I opened the Bible at random to the passage noted above.

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