On February 22, 1931, a Polish
nun had a vision of Jesus Christ.
He came with a message of trust
in God's mercy that she was told
to spread throughout the world.
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our lady of
The lone pilgrim was making his
way south from Tulpetlac, across
the dusty desert expanse, past
the western side of Tepeyac Hill.
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For Our Lady of Tepeyac


Sweetwaterhaven shares some ponderings, images, and stories from the desert, as well as some valuable Catholic resources that have helped me on my ongoing journey of conversion towards living the fullness of the Faith. God bless you all in your own faith treks –– wherever you may be.

"It [conversion] means seeking God, moving with God, dociley following the teachings of his Son Jesus Christ; to be converted is not a work for self-fulfillment because the human being is not the architect of his own eternal destiny. We did not make ourselves... Conversion consists in freely and lovingly accepting to depend in all things on God, our true creator, to depend on love. This is not dependence, but freedom." -- Benedict XVI

Our Lady of Tepeyac, pray for us.

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